Imagine you are buying a gift for your best friend. As you enter the largest clothing store in town, you glance over the different sections. What a disappointment. The store only sells one type of outfit, and it only comes in black or brown... Can you see where this is going? Unfortunately in many large pet stores today there seems to be a focus on functionality only, creating impersonal product collections.
At WWRY, we do it differently. 
We do not want you to compromise on looks when you are buying for your best friend and family member. Our products are fashionable AND functional, so you can have the cake and eat it too. We don't do boring. Instead, our products will help you express the personality of your best friend through the accessories, toys and clothes you choose for them. 
When you have completed browsing for your bestie, it is time to treat yourself. Make sure to check out our Owner's Fashion collection with simple but beautiful jewellery and clothing. 
We are always happy to receive recommendations and feedback, requests for products, collaborations or to help out. Just send us an email at info@wewillruffyou.com. We are here to help. 
Thank you for choosing WWRY.
Johanna, CEO